Service Second to None...

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Plasma Systems service representatives are devoted to providing the best possible customer service and believe that friendly, knowledgeable service is a key factor in customer satisfaction.
Our dedicated service representatives provide in-depth customer assistance to answer your technical questions, place parts orders, as well as to troubleshoot any system problems.

Equipment Service

1-832-243-9901 (FAX)
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST Monday - Friday
Excludes holidays

Telephone Support
Dedicated phone service representatives provide in-depth customer assistance to answer your technical questions, place parts orders, or troubleshoot laser or laser system problems.

Remote Diagnostics
Plasma Systems systems include tele-diagnostics software.  It allows Plasma Systems technicians to connect directly with the machine through a computer and telephone line to conduct remote diagnostics tests.

Fields Service
Plasma Systems Field Service Technicians have the technical training as well as extensive factory training in the use of Plasma Systems equipment and OEM products. The technicians provide:

  • Emergency field support with an average response time of 24 hours or less
  • New equipment installation and start-up service
  • Comprehensive training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel
To keep downtime to a minimum, Plasma Systems maintains over 3000 parts and system components as well as spare part kits included with each system.

Service Personnel

Our technical staff is also factory trained by one or more of our major component suppliers, controls, and systems. 

Equipment Enhancement
We know that customer needs change and can impact system performance and productivity.  We have the capability to modify, upgrade and enhance systems to meet customers changing needs and increase system performance and productivity.

Warranties and Service Contracts
Plasma Systems laser systems and equipment have one of the most comprehensive warranties.  Service and support programs are also available to ensure that Plasma Systems products maintain maximum available uptime.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts
Preventive Maintenance (PM) contracts for our systems are tailored to meet the needs of individual customers, including coordinating efforts with in-house maintenance staff.  Designed to keep downtime as low as possible, Service Contracts include scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) that:

  • Help keep your systems operating more efficiently.
  • Are tailored to system type, environmental factors, hours of operation, and customer needs. 
  • Allow Plasma Systems Service Technicians to perform on site maintenance including but not limited to:
    • Plasma tuning for power and stability
    • Inspecting and adjusting mechanics
    • Answering questions about the product