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Cutting Edge Design

"Industrial Automation is more intelligent when paired with Precision Plasma"

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High Accuracy | Repeatability | Durability

Custom-built to last,  suitable in a harsh environment

The design is to serve more precisely, be easier to use, and adapt to a changing market quicker.

  • Build of heavy-duty steel and coated with powder

  • Nidec-Shimpo Gear Boxes: a better speed control, variable speed output, and precision power

  • Linear rails: smoother operation with less vibration, increase durability and longevity in harsh environment

  • Precision rack and pinion gears: low backlash for High Performance, Precision, and Velocity without losing accuracy and cut quality

  • Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servo Motors: high accurate motion

  • Laser measurement: a magnetic breakaway plate triggers an instant stop, protecting both torch and head assembly via crash detection functionality

  • Built-in Camera: monitor movements in real-time

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