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InSight Controller

Precision CNC Control

 Stress-free Operation tool

InSight works in a Windows 10 IoT-based open architecture platform and has an EtherCAT-based I/O system, which increases the speed of communication between the machine and the controller. 

  • Operates using laser technology to measure both distances for plate skewing and torch height

  • Monitors movements in real-time and makes corrections

  • Reduces pierce times

  • Robust case has proven to handle harsh shop environment

  • Built-in USB ports for file transfer

  • Built-in Wi-Fi capabilities

  • Joystick for manual machine jogging

  • Emergency Stop

  • Dual 22' Touch screen LCD

  • Operators find the 3-D image of the screen to be 5 times easier to learn than conventional screens used by other manufacturers

  • Pedestal stand for controller

  • Interchangeable components


A Nesting Software from Atek Automation

The ability to do more while maintaining a simple and easy-to-use interface. The software is packed with the tools and features needed to maximize machine production, precision, and performance.

  • User-friendly graphic user interface

  • Quick and easy remnant creation, management, and nesting

  • Part-in-part nesting

  • Job cut-sequence control in real-time

  • Bridge cut feature

  • CAD part drawing, creation, adjustment at the controller

  • 2D & 3D part preview for proofing drawing

  • Forecast of materials & job time per nest

  • True Hole, True Bevel, Rapid Technology


Digital Brochure

2023 Version

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Article by Modern Metals

March 2020

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