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Cutting Edge Design

"Industrial Automation is more intelligent when paired with Precision Plasma"

Cutting Edge Design: Product

High Accuracy | Repeatability | Durability

Custom-built to last,  suitable in a harsh environment

Designed to be more precise, to be easier to use and to be more productive

  • Constructed of steel with a coat of industrial urethane coating

  • Nidec-Shimpo Precision Planetary Gearboxes with one to three arc minutes of backlash 

  • 30mm Linear rails on the cross axis under heavy-duty bellows for accuracy

  • Precision Agma 8 Gear Rack and Pinions precision machined

  • Yaskawa Sigma 7 EtherCAT Servo Drives: extremely accurate positioning

  • Keyence Precision Measuring System: initial height sensing and plate alignment

  • Built-in High Definition Camera System: monitor positioning in near real time

Cutting Edge Design: About

Tool Options

Plasma Systems, Inc. provides different burning options;
High Definition plasma systems, Oxy-Fuel, and a 5 Axis Bevel.

Plasma Technology

Strikes the perfect balance between cut quality, cut speed, and cost.

Oxy Fuel

Up to10 Heavy-Duty torches of Oxy-Fuel with High/Low Preheat System

Precision 5 Axis Bevel

Automatic bevel calibration keeps the bevel system efficient, precise and reliable.

Cutting Edge Design: Products

Digital Brochure

2023 Version

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Article by Modern Metals

March 2020

Cutting Edge Design: News
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