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Oxy Fuel

Recommended for 2" steel or thicker

Oxyfuel is a good choice for those who primarily need to cut thick (more than 51 mm or 2”) carbon steel.

In addition, oxyfuel can be an economical alternative if you don’t have many parts to cut and aren’t especially concerned about productivity or per-part profitability. Compared to a Hypertherm plasma system with drag cutting capability (handheld systems only), the process does require a little more training and operator expertise. However, a skilled operator can achieve very good cut quality with oxyfuel.

In high-production shops, oxyfuel is frequently used on automated cutting machines for cutting relatively small parts in multiples, often using several torches on the same gantry. When multiple torches are used, the process offers high productivity on thicker materials, typically 5/8” and greater.

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