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Technical Services

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Plasma Systems, Inc. is committed to being one of the best technical departments in the industry.

Our team of highly skilled technicians is well versed and trained.

We proudly provide maintenance and support services to all of our machines.

The OEM status keeps us maintaining parts and consumables in stock. 

This provides a quick turnaround for our service calls, decreasing downtime, saving the end-user both time and money.

Remote Diagnostics Support

Leading the way in service, our technicians have the capability to remotely run and check system diagnostics.

Technicians are able to fix/diagnose the issues, it saves your company cost and downtime.

This has proven to be a convenient tool.

Our team is here to support you Monday - Friday.

Field Services and Maintenance

Our certified field service technicians must complete CE courses annually.

  • New equipment installation and start-up service

  • Assistance within an average response time of 24 hours     (Houston Area)

  • Equipment enhancement: the capability to modify, upgrade and enhance systems to meet customers changing needs as well as increase system performance and productivity

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We're one of the Hypertherm OEMs in Houston, Texas.

We stock an extensive line of consumables for most mechanized plasma and oxyfuel applications. 

Reach out to our consumable department for competitive pricing.

Create your account with us today!

We offer will call pick-up and delivery.

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